July 10, 2012

© Jennifer Shaw


Anonymous said...

Wild, Jennifer. Absolutely wild.

What did you photograph? How much of what I am seeing is due to post-processing?

Dick Dougall

Anonymous said...

The colors and the flowing lines are amazing. Nicely done!

Gary Johnson

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys!

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago at the Chinese Lantern Festival at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. All the installations are illuminated at night, giving everything a nice glow! This photo is one of the Faces of the Chinese Opera, which was hanging on a wall in the entrance building. It was taken right as they were closing, and the room it was in was dark. So it had a natural vinette to it due to the lighting. I added a bit more in PS, sharped the image using Smart Sharpen, and brighten the color up a bit.

This is the website to the botanical gardens and the festival goes till Aug. 19th.


- Jennifer Shaw