January 23, 2012

© Mark Ferguson


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark - tell us more about this image. If I said it looks out of this world, I would not be trying to be funny. It is an amazing image.

Dick Dougall

Tom Welch said...

Great image Mark, love the composition, I too would love to know more.

Mark K. Ferguson said...

Sorry to be so late in responding to the questions about this image. It is actually an image on restrooms at what used to be a beach on the Salton Sea in southern California. It is a salt water lake (biggest in CA) with a fascinating history. It was a dry lake until about 100 years ago. Some farmers tried to divert some water from the Colorado river for irrigation. The river flooded after heavy snow melt and washed out the canal to the point where the entire river was being diverted into the former dry lake bed for nearly 2 years creating the largest lake in CA. Due to the minerals in the soil, the lake is a "salt" lake now and drying up again.

However, 60 years ago, it was a hotbed of vacationing families and had a history of boat racing. Since then, the resort towns around the lake have become deserted ghost towns and many structures like the bathrooms in the image remain. A fascinating place if you like that kind of stuff. If you decide to visit, it can be very hot, especially in August when I was there. It reached 110 and the humidity is pretty high due to the evaporation off of the lake.