November 13, 2011

Time-Lapse Video. 525 frames taken with a Canon 30D at ISO 1600 and 20 seconds for each exposure. Images processed and TLV produced in Lightroom 3.5.

© Don Horne

© Don Horne

© Don Horne

© Don Horne
"This series was made at the Okie-Tex Star Party in September. It is held at Kenton, OK on the panhandle and in the middle of nowhere."  ~ Don Horne


Anonymous said...

The pictures are terrific Don, but the time lapse video..... amazing. You may have to talk about how you did that at a future meeting or mini clinic. I'll be there

Mike Gannon

Robin Oquindo said...

I second that. This is a topic I want to know more about. Great work, Don! Can't wait for the clinic. Maybe a round table discussion? Either way, I'm in.

Robin Oquindo said...

Don, Where were you when you took these shots?

Jerry said...

Don, thank you for sharing this with us. Fantastic. Must have been really cool for you to view the video for the first time. The shooting stars are amazing.

Don Horne said...

Thanks for all the kind words. I'm not sure about a mini-clinic since Time Lapse Video (TLV) is easy in Lightroom 3.5 (LR)(at least for 720p). If a round-table,it would have to be in the new year. We'll see.

Photos were taken at Okie-Tex Star Party near Kenton OK (in panhandle, really dark skies). All were processed in LR and the TLV was processed in LR using presets/templates in the Slide Show Module according to:

Wish there were some shooting stars but the moving lights are airplanes. The AF does refueling training in this area. Exposures were 20 sec and a shooting star would only be visible in one frame and flash by almost invisibly.

Don Horne