October 30, 2011

Serengeti Migration - September 2011

This was a small part of our trip to Africa. This is watching the migrating wildebeest and zebra. The wildebeest are dumber than a brick. They simply head for where they smell the rain, which at this time of the year should have been to the north but then the rains returned to the southern region so the wildebeest turned around and were heading south. The Zebra knew this was wrong and were doing everything they could to turn the wildebeest back north.

Although my Canon 60D will do video I didn’t really think to use it on the trip. All videos that you see in this clip were taken with my phone camera or our Panasonic point and shoot. The pictures were taken with the Canon 60D fitted with the 100-400 lens, and the 40D fitted with the 70-200. Don and I would grab which ever camera we wanted at the moment so knowing who took what picture is sometimes confusing. With the 100-400 I was able to get the animals that were off in a distance but because there was no way to put it on a tripod in the jeep, they are not as sharp as the 70-200.  ~ Michael Ann Robinson

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