July 13, 2011

© Cheryl Davis

© Cheryl Davis

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Cheryl said...

This is a Luna Moth. My next door neighbor spotted it on her Azalea bush in her front yard and called me to come and look. Of course, I ran and got my camera! I took a few shots, but the sun was very bright and the lighting was not good. I gently broke off the branch and moved the branch and the moth to my front yard into open shade. The moth was sleeping and did not move. I took a few shots, then took the moth into the house for a few more pics. The moth woke up and started fluttering around the room. There was no way to get any more pictures at that point, so I set it free. I have never seen a Luna Moth in this area. It's rare to see one since they only fly at night and they only live about a week. They are very unusual, they do not eat because they do not have a mouth. The adults only purpose is to mate.